Point of Sale System

Point of Sale system/software are valuable to businesses as they help to fast-track the billing process. POS system helps to eliminate fraud in supermarkets and restaurants by capturing the correct sales figures and the name of the cashier for each sales transaction. The system generates slip-sized receipts for the customer and keeps a comprehensive report of all sales transactions. The software comes with an inventory control module that tracks inventory purchasing and sales. There is proper documentation for all purchases and sales as well as a record of low stock items.


  1. The check-in wizard guides you through a simple process of checking in/out your guests
  2. The report viewer allows for viewing reports on screen as well as printing and exporting to PDF & other office packages
  3. Changeable views for the front desk module giving you the options of room layout view, inventory lists view, transaction summary view, stay view & reports view.
  4. Intuitive and appealing graphical user interface
  5. Room positions, sizes and amenities can be captured in the software. This can be pictorially represented on Front Desk thereby giving a real-life image of the rooms.
  6. Feature-rich and useful reports for easy decision-making by management.
  7. Guest Folio can be generated at any instant to give a report of guest ledger(payment status)
  8. Multi-user enabled with security gradations/ user rights assignment
  9. The POS module (eZee POS burp) is touch screen optimized allowing for easy access to menu items for sale

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