Staff lateness and absenteeism from work has become a canker-worm that eats away the time, value, virtue of professionalism and efficiency. This problem has definitely defied the solution of paper logs commonly implemented to track staff attendance. Assuming all staff accurately record their time of attendance, computation of this data to verify late employees, absent employees, etc is an onerous task especially if the staff strength is sizeable.

The process of writing down the time of coming to work is time consuming. In many instances, the staff are required to write down their names, time of attendance and then sign. Some are slow writers and significantly cause delays at the staff entrance points. Attendance logs recorded on paper also have their problems such as: paper gets torn, worn out or missing. Some establishments have introduced swipe cards with the attendant problem of buddy clocking (or staff clocking in/out for one another).

Paper logs
vs. Biometric Time Attendance System

The biometrics time attendance system is such that staff attendance is captured using their fingerprints. This completely eliminates the problem of buddy clocking and falsification of actual time of attendance. Again, this system is quite fast as staff do not need to write down their names or staff ID numbers to use the device. By simply placing one finger on the device, the system is able to capture staff attendance, generate lateness and absenteeism reports.

Time Attendance System incorporates the latest biometrics technology whereby staff clock in/out for work using their fingerprints. This effectively eliminates the problem of buddy clocking (or, staff clocking for one another). Buddy clocking is very common in establishments where staff attendance is captured through log books, punch cards, or swipe cards. Even if the problem of buddy clocking does not exist, there is need for information concerning staff attendance to be readily available to management. This will help in the easy analysis of staff attendance, easy calculation of staff payroll, etc. With the conventional method, computation/manipulation of data to generate information is an onerous task.


  • Improves discipline and sense of responsibility among staff
  • Reduces human error in the computation of attendance records and improves accuracy in the reports.
  • Excellent management tool for labor-management and performance- appraisal.