Website Design and Portal Development

A lot of businesses are online. Today’s businesses cannot afford to be invisible online. Your business stands to benefit as follows from a web portal:

  1. An Efficient Information Communication Channel
  2. There is the need to constantly provide information in easily available media. A web site provides information that can be accessed worldwide. Also, accessing the web is convenient and fast. It is convenient because the web user can access the web at his chosen time and location. These advantages contribute immensely to the popularity of web sites as a medium of information & communication.

  3. A Rich Source for Information
  4. A well-developed web site offers a rich database of information. This is true because so much information can be electronically transmitted via the web. Hence, every pictures, documents and news regarding the business can be easily put across to the entire world without worrying about cost associated with voluminous information.

  5. An Affordable Communication Media
  6. The cost of design & development of a web site is typically cheaper than say, the cost of newspaper adverts, radio and television jingles while an infinite number of audiences are reached via the web! This makes the web the most affordable modern means of information dissemination.

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The following are put into consideration during our web site designs:

  1. An Appealing & User Friendly Graphical Interface
  2. The site will be designed to appeal to the site user by providing a beautiful graphic user interphase, and a smooth user experience. This involves highlighting the most important information on the web while making navigation through the site to be easy & hassle free.

    Users are more likely to return to the website if the design appeals to the eyes and the overall user experience is smooth. A sample of our completed projects is given here and attests to our competence in the delivery of international standard web sites.

  3. A Content Management System
  4. This is a design that allows the client to easily update the information on the existing web site. This is necessary as the company will need to update services, products, news articles, pictures, etc. When the need arises to update the website, the end-user can log in with the right credentials to make changes without waiting for the web designer thereby saving long-term cost and speed of update.

  5. A Browser Friendly & Search Engine Optimized Web Site
  6. The web site will be designed with the latest design tools and technology. We will strive to build a web site that loads very easily on any browser. Also, the portal will be designed to be responsive meaning that it will adapt easily to different mobile gadgets. Also, the design of the site will ensure that the site is search engine optimized.

    This means that information contained in the company web site or pages of the site are thrown up when a user queries the popular search engines with certain key words. We are able to achieve this based on our in-depth knowledge of crawling, the technology behind the listing of results in search engines.